If you think of yourself as a people pleaser, are extra hard on yourself, or often don’t feel quite right after successfully avoiding conflict, therapy can be a valuable place to connect with what’s actually happening for you. One of my passions is supporting people in understanding what they really need (it’s the first step in the direction of getting it!).

It’s a courageous move -becoming more in touch with what’s happening underneath. And it can be so rewarding. Learning more about what you really need and finding your voice helps connect you to your power and agency. The work I’m talking about can help you move from:

Anxiety and compromise to clarity and choice.

Perfectionism and procrastination to self-acceptance and confidence.

People pleasing to empowered authenticity.

From saying, “It’s fine, I’m ok.to truly being and feeling like your best self.

Making these shifts in you will also shift your relationships. When you’re more connected to yourself, you can connect more meaningfully with other people.

To learn more or to see if we might work well together, contact me here.