I especially love supporting people with

· Trouble with self-esteem or a tough inner-critic

· Anxiety

· Feelings of loneliness and isolation

· Depression

· Disruptive relationship patterns – with intimate partners, family, and otherwise

· Patterns of conflict that are hard to break out of

· Interpersonal and “work-life balance” challenges

· Communication skill building

· Difficulty identifying or asserting appropriate boundaries

·Trauma and PTSD -acute trauma, relational trauma, and/or complex trauma (CPTSD)

· Gender based issues including: acute or cumulative trauma due to sexual assault, domestic violence, gender violence, and sexism. 

· I’m passionate about being in service to women, femme, and queer people.

People who aren’t encouraged to take up extra space -therapy is space just for you. Offering a strong academic and real world background in so-called “women and gender issues”, I bring an experienced and integrated perspective to what might be challenging you.

If you’re in San Francisco or the greater Bay Area and would like to see if we would work well together, contact me here.